A pocket of nostalgic, old-fashioned Atlanta clandestinely tucked behind high-trafficked business.


Welcome to Morningside

A pocket of domestic bliss tucked within the shadows of Atlanta’s striking skyline.

In 1925, the city of Atlanta annexed this area and real estate planners established a “modern” suburb with all the latest advancements, including convenient shopping and access to the streetcar lines. By the 1960s, the area had declined as freeway expansion encroached into its borders. Fortunately, the millennium brought a fresh wave of enthusiasm for in-town living, and the sun’s been shining ever brighter since.

A pocket of nostalgic, old-fashioned Atlanta clandestinely tucked behind high-trafficked business districts and commercial zones.

What to Expect

Progressive neighbors, passionate community activism, and fierce local pride.

Morningside’s thriving residential neighborhoods are populated by enthusiastic citizens excited to make a difference in their beloved city, whether that be through involvement at the local schools, patronizing local merchants, organizing community events, or raising political awareness.

The Lifestyle

Steps away from Atlanta’s cosmopolitan center, yet a world of its own.

Meander over from Midtown to Morningside, and you’ll feel like you’ve landed on the set of one of the countless productions filmed here. A lush park in the background, cute corner store, neighbors waving as they walk by, maybe even a bartender who greets folks by name. That was the vision for this neighborhood almost a century ago, and it’s the mood embraced by current residents hoping to retain it for years to come.

Unexpected Appeal

Practically living in Piedmont Park and on The Beltline.

The quaintness of the area comes alive upon first glance, and yet the unspoken charm rests partly on its easy access to best of all worlds. The skyscrapers of central Atlanta are right across Piedmont Park—one of the city’s greatest treasures—which happens to conveniently link to the Beltline at either end of its 200-acre stretch.

The Market

Pricey cottages and bungalows along with some apartments.

Two decades of concentrated attention has paid off for Morningside owners and sellers. What once suffered from neglect became a Cinderella story and the glass slipper still fits: the tear-downs have been tricked out and the fixer-uppers are ready for their close-ups.

You'll Fall in Love With

The front-porch-and-sweet-tea sensibility.

The polish and preservation of this area successfully restored it into a great old neighborhood where evening walks end in conversations on the neighbors’ veranda.

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